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UnionAID Kiwi Solidarity

Union Aid

Become a UnionAID Kiwi Solidarity Member, following the CTU decision, supported by your union, to support a campaign to recruit all union leaders and staff as members.

Why? Because:

  • UnionAID is a well managed registered charity, accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade as an international development organization, with a focus on projects which enable workers in developing countries to build the capacity as unions and help themselves
  • 100% of every dollar donated by individual donors goes to funding our projects. Our administration costs are minimal, because of support from volunteers, and are met out of foundation grants from unions
  • UnionAID is your own international development agency, following the very successful union movement model in other countries, including APHEDA in Australia
  • Our excellent, and very cost effective, projects in South India and on the Thai-Burma border are based on strong union relationships with our project partners

Download the Kiwi Solidarity Membership Form (PDF) here.

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